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Our Focus: Holistic Student & Child Well-being

Our long-term total well-being approach empowers children to become educated, healthier, and responsible young adults.


At Right To Live, we believe education is transformative, as it decreases inequality and breaks the cycle of poverty. Our mission is to improve learning methodologies and outcomes in government schools by use of digital tools and technology. Once learning is made intuitive and inspiring, students are motivated to continue their education and aspire to be responsible citizens.

To address this pressing issue, Right To Live has partnered with BYJU’s, India’s most valued EdTech platform and other content providers to transform the way children imbibe knowledge.

  • Providing digital infrastructure for the classroom which contains a 43" Smart TV, an Android box/tablet loaded with quality contents like content BYJU'S.
  • Deploying school coordinators who will be visiting the schools regularly for the smooth implementation and monitoring of the program.

Build a Better India By Educating a Child to Succeed- DONATE to gift quality education to the underprivileged students!



Thousands of people across the world lose their 'right to live' because they can’t afford critical medical treatment. People below the poverty line are in dire need of financial assistance to undergo medical treatments for chronic diseases such as Cancer, Kidney Transplant, Heart Disease, HIV, etc. across all geographies irrespective religion, gender, or race.

There are not many structured networks where people can approach for help from financial donors and the genuineness of requests can be verified. Right to Live is opening a new world of Hope and Care by connecting the privileged few and the less privileged.

The smallest good deed can make a significant difference in the life of less privileged - DONATE to make a difference!


Right to Live, a Kote Foundation initiative, is India's first crowd donation platform dedicated to charitable giving with a vision of - Joining hands to change lives.

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